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Kirito’s and Asuna’s Love Story:

In people’s eyes, the game was hell, a gas chamber for players.
But to me, I was able to live, I was able to do things real life doesn’t like to have happen.
Hunt rare items, eat food that would never exist, fight without getting tired, be the richest player alive.
None of that mattered to me, though.
I don’t care about my skills, my high level, my items.
The most important thing to have happened to me,
was teaming up with the lonely cloaked figure that day.

She later became second in command of the head guild in the game,
She hated my guts for relaxing in the sun, sleeping.
Who knew she’d lay down and actually fall asleep.
We teamed up and solved a mystery,
She checked on me to make sure I was still alive,
Because of her I had to join her lovely guild,
She allowed me comfort though, when I ranted about my guilt,
Then to almost be killed by some psycho.
She saved me, but said she’d stay away.
I don’t allow her to continue before pulling her lips to mines,
I tell her one night, I want to spend it with her.

We got married and had a child.
It was only for a day or so but I had a family.
A beautiful, yet deadly wife and a spicy loving adorable daughter.
Too bad our daughter had to leave,
And we had to enter battle.
I hate myself for discovering the truth,
Hate myself for watching as my love died in my arms.

I considered it luck we met one last time,
My love, the creator of the hell hole, and I.
We talked before he bid us farewell,
Leaving her and me to share our final kiss,
before she learned my name and age,
and I learned hers.
We vowed we’d meet,
fall in love again,
once we wake,
and that’s a vow I will always keep,
To my Asuna Yuuki.

How was that? Kirito and Asuna’s love story through the Sword Art Online? Ha ha! Took me awhile to replay the scenes but I think I got them…


I ABSOLUTELY love Kirito and Asuna!


I ABSOLUTELY love Kirito and Asuna!


Moose by John Phillips


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2014 “Magical Girl” Acrylic paint, Canvas F10 17.91x20.86

exhibition work
"Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and sailor senshi"

Making video :) / Canvas art “Magical Girl”